This Institution Went from 0 to 122,600 Bitcoin (BTC) in Six Weeks

BlackRock Went from 0 to 122,600 Bitcoin (BTC) in Six Weeks

BlackRock has become one of the most influential players in the crypto market. Indeed, the world’s largest asset manager has amassed 122,600 Bitcoin (BTC) within six weeks.

This acquisition accounts for 0.6% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply, catapulting BlackRock to the 11th largest holder of the digital currency.

BlackRock Now Holds $6.31 Billion in Bitcoin

The journey began with a relatively modest seeding of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF addresses with 228 BTC, a precursor to aggressive acquisitions. Meanwhile, the initial week of trading saw an addition of 2,621 BTC, valued at approximately $110.91 million. But this was just the beginning.

By the second week, inflows had skyrocketed to 26,002 BTC, pushing the firm’s total investment past the billion-dollar mark. This rapid accumulation signified BlackRock’s entry into cryptocurrency. It also reflected a broader acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class among traditional investment firms.


BlackRock’s strategy continued the following weeks, maintaining a consistent acquisition pace. Indeed, by the third and fourth weeks, it had added over 41,000 BTC to its holdings, with investments approaching nearly $1.7 billion. Despite a slight slowdown in the fifth week, attributed to a retracement in BTC’s price to $38,000, BlackRock’s commitment remained unwavering. The company seized the opportunity to “buy the dip,” adding 12,510 BTC.

The sixth week marked a significant resurgence for Bitcoin’s market price and BlackRock’s investment strategy. With BTC breaking through the $50,000 barrier, BlackRock added 33,474 BTC to its portfolio, its largest weekly acquisition to date. As of the latest data, the firm’s continued investment pace suggests a weekly total nearing $692 million in BTC acquisitions.

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Bitcoin Price Performace. Source: TradingView

This aggressive investment strategy by BlackRock is a strong vote of confidence in Bitcoin and its underlying technology. By transitioning from traditional assets like real estate to cryptocurrencies, BlackRock is reshaping its investment portfolio.

The impact of BlackRock’s entry into the Bitcoin market extends beyond only numbers. Indeed, it serves as a beacon for other institutional investors. It also signals the growing acceptance of crypto as a viable component of a diversified investment strategy.

CEO Larry Fink highlighted Bitcoin’s limited availability, likening it to gold, a conventional asset often sought after for safety. He believes that Bitcoin, similar to gold, acts as a safeguarding asset, particularly during periods of geopolitical uncertainties.

“I’m a believer because I believe it is an alternative source for wealth holding. I don’t believe [Bitcoin] will ever be a currency. I believe it is an asset crass. But, we will create digital currencies and we will use the blockchain,” Fink said.

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As more traditional financial giants explore digital assets, the lines between conventional and digital finance continue to blur, paving the way for a new era of investment.


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