This Influencer Was Kicked Off Gala Games Creator Program

Why Was This Web3 Influencer Kicked Off Gala Games Creator Program?

A Web3 online social media influencer with 135,700 followers announced the termination of his contract within Gala Games’ content creator program.

Speculation surrounds the possibility of Martinez’s termination being linked to talking about token prices. Meanwhile, the website indicates that signing up for the content creator program takes under 2 minutes.

Web3 influencer Jesus Martinez has explained to his followers that he intends to continue creating content on Gala Games, despite his content not been monetized by the gaming giant anymore:

“I had created a video showing my commitment to the Gala community & I’m going to keep that With or without Gala Games support, I will make sure that my community gets the information they need & continue to come to me for.”

Jesus Martinez on Youtube. Source: Jesus Martinez/Youtube

However, Martinez emphasizes that he never took on the creator program for the compensation purposes, so the termination hasn’t financially impacted him.


Comments on X suggested that Martinez might be pointing towards specific crypto tokens and its prices. However, Gala Games has not confirmed these allegations.

Meanwhile, in a Youtube video, Martinez indicated that Gala Games has been attempting to move away from “return-on-investment” content creators for some time now.

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Martinez’s lengthy post saw positivity from his following. Several users stated that he is the “hardest workers in the space,” to other saying how much Martinez does for Gala.

Younger Crypto Holders Want Transparency from Influencers

However, although there appears to be an audience that consistently favors positivity and optimistic price predictions for every crypto.

However, a segment, particularly among younger individuals, leans towards a more transparent and balanced approach to crypto marketing.

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This is especially true for crypto, given its volatile markets and the amount of bad actors seen in the space in recent years.

Last year, BeInCrypto reported that YouTube stands as the reigning platform among Gen Z’s preferred platforms. However, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat all boast significant Gen Z presence. Therefore, crypto marketers must use multi-platform campaigns to reach this diverse audience effectively.


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