The Minting Scrolls from Banksters are Rolled OUT!

The Minting Scrolls from Banksters are Rolled OUT!

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Why you should take advantage of this opportunity and how NFTs can lift the Gaming Industry – quote by Alexandru Carbunariu, CEO & CMO Banksters. 

About Banksters and what’s going on right now 

Banksters is a Web 3.0 game that incorporates various blockchain-based features, including NFT avatars and cryptocurrency tokens. 

The game has conducted several campaigns to expose its ecosystem and engage with its community:


Airdrop: Banksters has organized airdrop events where players can earn free in-game items or tokens by completing certain tasks or participating in the community.
NFT Sale: The game has sold Minting Scrolls as NFTs, allowing players to purchase these unique assets and mint exclusive avatars with enhanced abilities.
Token Sale: Banksters has conducted token sales on multiple launchpads, offering players and investors an opportunity to acquire the game’s native cryptocurrency tokens.
Listing: The game’s tokens are set to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in mid-May, enabling players and token holders to trade them on secondary markets.

These campaigns have helped Banksters grow its community, which now boasts over 50,000 players, and has generated excitement around the game’s ecosystem. 

The successful token sales on three launchpads demonstrate the community’s interest and support for the project.

As Banksters continues to develop and expand, the team plans to introduce more engaging features, such as new airdrop campaigns, Zealy quests, and partnerships with other Web3 and Web2 projects, to keep the community involved and invested in the game’s progress.

Banksters Minting Scrolls are unique NFTs that players can acquire to enhance their gaming experience and gain additional benefits. These scrolls allow players to mint exclusive avatars with special abilities and perks within the game.

For example, players with the Trader avatar minted from a scroll have a mining capacity of x4, while those with the Reptilian avatar enjoy an x9 mining capacity. These boosted capacities provide players with an advantage in earning in-game rewards and progressing through the game.

Minting Scrolls not only offer functional benefits but also add a layer of customization and rarity to the player’s experience. Owning a unique, minted avatar sets players apart and allows them to express their identity within the Banksters community.

How does NFT sales help the game development? 

NFTs add a new dimension to the gameplay by introducing unique, tradable digital assets that players can collect, trade, and use within the game. This not only increases player engagement but also adds depth and value to the gaming ecosystem.

NFTs give players true ownership of in-game assets, allowing them to buy, sell, and trade items freely on secondary markets. 

This creates a sense of value and rarity, as players can acquire exclusive or limited-edition NFTs that hold significance within the game.

In turn, all of these factors affect game development, player growth, and especially player engagement. 

What does it give to players and developers? 

For Players:

Ownership: NFTs grant players true ownership of in-game assets, allowing them to buy, sell, and trade digital items freely on secondary markets. This provides players with a sense of ownership and control over their virtual possessions.
Value: NFTs imbue virtual assets with real-world value, as players can acquire rare or unique items that hold significance within the game. This adds depth and meaning to the gaming experience, motivating players to collect and cherish their NFTs. So for example, different avatars of players in Banksters, provide different opportunities and benefits for users. For example, with the Trader avatar the mining capacity is x4, and with the Reptilian avatar x9. 
Customization: NFTs enable players to personalize their gaming experience by acquiring unique characters, skins, weapons, or other virtual items. This customization enhances player engagement and allows individuals to express their identity within the game.
Community Engagement: NFTs foster a vibrant community of players who are passionate about collecting and trading digital assets. This community-driven aspect encourages social interaction, collaboration, and competition among players, enriching the overall gaming ecosystem.

The Banksters community currently has over 16,000 members. It is an international community that not only competes with each other to be higher on the leaderboard but also to collect avatars. 

For Developers:

Monetization: NFTs offer developers new monetization opportunities through the sale of in-game items, characters, or special abilities as NFTs. Developers can generate revenue from initial NFT sales, transaction fees, and royalties from secondary market transactions.
Player Retention: NFTs can increase player retention by providing players with tangible rewards and incentives for their in-game achievements. By offering valuable NFTs as rewards for completing quests, reaching milestones, or participating in events, developers can incentivize players to remain engaged with the game over the long term.
Community Building: NFTs facilitate the creation of a dedicated community of players who are invested in the game and its ecosystem. Developers can leverage this community to gather feedback, beta-test new features, and foster a sense of belonging among players, leading to increased player loyalty and advocacy.
Content Expansion: NFTs enable developers to expand the content and longevity of their games by continuously introducing new and unique digital assets. By regularly releasing limited-edition NFTs, developers can create excitement and anticipation among players, driving ongoing engagement and revenue generation.

What are the steps to get the NFT collection up and running?

Define NFT Use Cases: Determine how NFTs will be used within your game, whether it’s for in-game items, characters, land ownership, or other virtual assets.
Choose a Blockchain Platform: Select a suitable blockchain platform for issuing and managing NFTs. Consider factors such as scalability, security, interoperability, and community support.
Develop Smart Contracts: Create smart contracts that define the rules for minting, trading, and interacting with NFTs. Ensure that the smart contracts are secure, audited, and compatible with industry standards.
Integrate NFT Functionality: Integrate NFT functionality into your game’s backend infrastructure, including features for minting, transferring, and displaying NFTs within the game environment.
Design User Interfaces: Design user-friendly interfaces that allow players to view, manage, and trade their NFTs seamlessly within the game interface.
Launch and Market: Launch the NFT integration with a marketing campaign to attract players and generate excitement. Engage with the community, promote NFT sales, and incentivize participation to drive adoption.

Whether to bring the NFT into play is an individual decision for each team. Banksters tried to tell you about all the stages and considerations their team went through before launching NFT in their game.


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