The Latest Tech News in Crypto and Blockchain

The Latest Tech News in Crypto and Blockchain

Oct. 16: Contango, a decentralized market that builds futures on top of money markets, has brought its flasgship product, cPerps, to Optimism, after a successful launch on Arbitrum recently, according to a message from the team.”CPerps are built by automating a looping strategy on money markets using flash loans. Looping, also known as recursive borrowing and lending, is the DeFi-native way of leveraging on-chain. Currently Contango has integrated with Aave, the leading lending market in DeFi, to tap into its $4.6B liquidity. The team, however, plans to expand both horizontally, to more chains, and vertically, to more money markets.” (The debut of cPerps was reported in Protocol Village on Oct. 4.) $OP $ARB

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