Dogecoin20 Meme Coin Launches ICO and Raises $200K Within Hours

Dogecoin20 Meme Coin Launches ICO and Raises $200K Within Hours

London, United Kingdom, March 15th, 2024, Chainwire

Dogecoin20 has emerged as a new meme coin, raising over $200K in its open hours of presale.

As a revolutionary and distinctive Dogecoin alternative, the new crypto pays homage to the OG meme coin while venturing into uncharted territories.

Currently, the Dogecoin presale price is $0.00014, at the first tranche. As the presale progresses, the price to acquire DOGE20 will rise, based on the tranches. The first uptick will occur in six days.


Despite being in its absolute infancy, Dogecoin20 is already proving a force to be reckoned with. Retrofitting the vibrant essence of Dogecoin with sophisticated tokenomics and utility, Dogecoin20 enters a new paradigm of financial innovation.

Dogecoin20 has integrated an ingenious staking mechanism that encourages holders to participate in the ecosystem rather than observe it statically.

Holders can stake their tokens for passive rewards, with an APY strictly dependent on the amount of staked tokens. This is done with the intention of incentivizing and rewarding early adopters as the APY will become smaller as more tokens are staked.

Addressing another pervasive Dogecoin supply side issue, Dogecoin20 holds a capped supply. In comparison, Dogecoin’s supply is infinite, making the token susceptible to inflation and dilution.

Dogecoin20’s Mission and Roadmap

Encapsulating Dogecoin’s underlying ethos of “Do Only Good Everyday,” Dogecoin20 builds on the original project, offering an alternative aligned with current market conditions.

As per its whitepaper, Dogecoin20 will transcend the digital realm and leave a footprint in the real world, “channeling its influence to support charitable initiatives, community projects, and noble causes.”

Accordingly, the project stands to redefine the crypto norms and lead the industry toward a more “inclusive and impactful” future.

The project has already outlined a six-stage roadmap to carry out its initiative.

Stage one is its initial inception, geared toward a successful presale and opening marketing campaign.

Stage two focuses on launching the staking mechanism and distributing rewards.

Stage three and four entail the DEX launch and simultaneous token generation event (TGE) where presale investors can claim their tokens.

The fifth stage involves launching Dogecoin20’s DEX liquidity pool, ensuring traders can seamlessly buy and sell the token.

Then, the sixth stage takes a long-term outlook on staking rewards, bolstering the project’s chances of lasting success.

The whitepaper also notes that “the journey ahead holds the promise of further enhancing the token’s utility,” alluding that new features could be announced in the future.

Dogecoin20 Tokenomics

Striving for sustained success, Dogecoin20’s pioneering approach to tokenomics is one of its most notable strengths.

25% of tokens are allocated to the presale, 25% to marketing, 25% to the project treasury, 15% to staking rewards, and 10% to DEX liquidity. 

This presents a unique balance between community empowerment and means for ecosystem expansion.

Follow the project on X or join its Telegram to keep updated on the latest developments.

Alternatively, users can visit the Dogecoin20 website to acquire and stake tokens.

To Visit Dogecoin20 Website

About DogeCoin20

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is an Ethereum chain meme token aiming to be a more versatile, greener, upgraded version of Dogecoin (DOGE).

The Dogecoin20 presale has currently raised over $200,000 since going live on March 14th, 2024.

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