2 Months of Stagnant Bitcoin Price Action: Report

Bitcoin Price Could Remain Stagnant for 2 Months: Report

Despite the excitement surrounding the recent halving in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin may be entering a period of price stabilization that could last up to two months, according to market analysts at Bitfinex. 

The report suggests that Bitcoin will continue to set the pace for the cryptocurrency market through May and remain a critical indicator of the sector’s overall market cap.

Bitcoin Price Action Will Slowdown

Bitfinex analysts emphasize that consumers and businesses are now more informed about the economic foundations influencing market trends, unlike previous cycles. 

This knowledge could lead to a one to two-month consolidation phase for Bitcoin. As a result, prices could fluctuate, potentially reaching up to $10,000 in either direction. 


The anticipated stagnation follows Bitcoin’s peak market dominance, which seems to wane as liquidity shifts towards altcoins. This shift is attributed to the halving reduction of the new BTC supply. It historically boosts investor risk appetite and diverts attention toward altcoins.

“The 57 percent level in BTC.D represents a significant technical and psychological benchmark based on historical data. Once Bitcoin dominance reaches this level, it tends to experience a sharp rejection indicating a shift in market sentiment and capital flow from Bitcoin to altcoins. Following last week’s halving, we saw BTC.D reach 57 percent and then fall sharply through it,” Bitfinex analysts wrote.  

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Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance. Source: TradingView

Moreover, market specialists are watching Bitcoin derivatives closely. The reduced implied volatility seen recently suggests a quieter summer ahead for Bitcoin. 

“Summers are usually low volatility periods, and traders are starting to position accordingly based on their bias,” Jag Kooner, Bitfinex Head of Derivatives, said.

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As the market adjusts to the halving and economic signals, investors are advised to monitor these developments closely. They must keep an eye on shifts in liquidity and market sentiment that could dictate the pace for the remainder of the year.


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