11 Bitcoin Halving Cycle Protips From Crypto X (Twitter)

Bitcoin Halving Effect on Asset's Behavior Still Unclear: Coinbase

The future is not assured until it has passed, but successful cryptocurrency investors have relied on how powerful the recurring patterns are in these historical trends.

Here are 12 Bitcoin halving cycle protips from crypto influencers on X, the social media website formerly known as Twitter.

1. It’s Still Early On This Halving Cycle

It may feel strange to traders to step out into new waters and make long entries in BTC right after a new all-time high. But as seasoned traders know, and as you can see from the Bitcoin price chart going back to 2013 above, it’s early.

Set stop losses, make trading plans, and stay updated on the market and news, but a timid buyer will miss the results of an enormous price increase on crypto exchanges if Bitcoin follows the four-year pattern it has for the past three cycles.


2. Never Short Bitcoin

It is downright dangerous to short Bitcoin. Investors can easily lose all the money they have in such a risky operation. When you short-sell Bitcoin just like with stocks, you are exposed to losses based on how high markets take the price.

Bitcoin’s price moves up abruptly and violently on a regular basis, sometimes charting double-digit percentage gains in a single day of trading. As a result, Bitcoin short traders can easily lose all the money in their portfolios.

3. Bitcoin vs. Gold vs. Savings

Bitcoin has incredibly, drastically, staggeringly, almost miraculously outperformed spot gold prices and savings account returns. Because the difference is so great, it has ironically put off many potential adopters.

Many believe it is too good to be true without some kind of catch as a result of the ROI investments in Bitcoin have yielded. They’re used to the world before the Internet when that was truly impossible.

But today, with everything connected, it was possible to get the kind of velocity of money and the momentum to generate that level of growth, especially for a disruptive financial product with a high-value proposition.

4. Halving Is Killing Available Supply

It is good for fundamental analysts and long-term thinkers to be aware that the supply of Bitcoin available for trade on exchanges has been decreasing since the third halving. That’s a sea change in the fundamental calculus of the economics underlying Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin supplies on exchange increased up to the first three halvings. After the second halving, available supply fell some, but got back to increasing again well before the third halving. After the third halving, however, trading supplies fell and did not stop falling.

If you predict BTC prices based on supply and demand, that is incredibly bullish for spot Bitcoin holders with their hard wallets, crypto exchange Bitcoin traders, and their respectable friends, with 1.5% of their portfolio moving into a spot ETF with Fidelity or BlackRock.

5. Halving Cycle Calendar

It’s around that time.


6. Bitcoin Maximalist Timeline

7. 2030 Price Target: $682K

8. Polaroid Infographic: Still Short Bitcoin

9. 21 BTC for Every 8,000 People

10. Bitcoin vs. Dollars

11. Bitcoin vs. Gold

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